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TeeTime SE is a company with more than 

twenty years of experience. It deals with the development and running/ operating of golf systems.  Many years of experience led to the creation of the latest OPS 2.0 software. The software brings an evolution that was made possible by our former experience with the old version of the app. Golf courses are therefore provided with a unique platform which includes all the services that our company  offers.

OPS 2.0 enables booking, check-in, membership agenda management, managing the course and a function supporting competitions. That simplifies and modernizes communication between the courses and their players. Concurrently, we bring the courses heaps of benefits including a broad range of promotion ways of their services via the TeeTime website, the TeeTime app, newsletter, social media, and other communication tools. The advantage of our new business model is the fact that OPS 2.0 is completely free for our partners.

Accessible from anywhere

OPS 2.0 is a web tool that you can use anywhere using any mobile device.

Intuitive control

Clear control across the whole system. Even though it is large it is simple.

Technical support

If you have any trouble with setting our technical support team is available to you every day of the week.

Federation system

By virtue of the connection to the golf federation, you can view all information about your members in one place.

Membership agenda module

The membership agenda module allows for managing payments and effective communication with the members.

Communication via Ecomail

Instead of creating our communication tool, we connected the OPS with Ecomail which enables its users to reach out to their members effectively.

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More than 40,000 golfers have already taken a liking to the TeeTime app. In addition, since March 2021, we have introduced a new version of OPS 2.0, which offers users the following features that will increase their comfort and consequently their enjoyment of the game.

iPhone Android

Buďte vidět! Využijte možnosti, které nabízí portál!

Buďte vidět! Využijte možnosti, které nabízí portál!

Buďte vidět! Využijte možnosti, které nabízí portál!

Benefit OPS 1Booking of a vast majority of Czech and Slovak courses and a possibility of aself-check-in.

Benefit OPS 1Electronic ČGF membership card,tournament overview, tournamentregistration and results in the app.

Benefit OPS 1Extended payment option (Apple Pay andGoogle Pay).

Benefit OPS 1A unique offer of special prices of theGreen Fee.

Benefit OPS 1Purchase of driving balls.

Benefit OPS 1Game HCP of each course according to theplayer's HCP.

Benefit OPS 1Booking overview and a list of played games.

Benefit OPS 1Player statistics, adding favorite players.

Benefit OPS 1Login via Facebook or Google account.

Be seen! Take advantage of the opportunities offered by!

Be seen!
Take advantage of the opportunities,
offered by

The new portal has undergone an upgrade and in addition to being dressed in a new modern coat, it now also brings unique opportunities for courses and partners. Reach a wide range of golf enthusiasts and make your services and products visible to your target community!

Overview of courses Overview of courses

A comprehensive overview of golf courses across the Czech and Slovak Republic allows players to find out detailed information about individual resorts.

Show them your uniqueness!

Special offers Special offers

In the Special Offers section, offer golfers special packages or services that they can order from you!

the Driving Range

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No cards, receipts, coins or tokens. The world is changing and we are moving with the times. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by the online environment, almost everything can now be controlled by mobile apps. These solutions tend to be simple, low-cost, but above all, fast and efficient. In the spirit of modern times, TeeTime SE has prepared a new solution for operating publishers via its own app.

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Marketing is
a client magnet.
We know how to do that.
And we will help you too!

Use our communication channels for your promotion! We have a range of tools to highlight your offer. We offer space on the TeeTime mobile app as well as the power of a fan base on our Facebook and Instagram. We know how to engage your current and potential clients, plus we can reliably hit your target audience on social media with post promotion and precisely targeted advertising.

Nový web New website

It brings a variety of ways to be more visible.

Newsletter Newsletter

Take advantage of our extensive contact database and reach new clients with our newsletter! We prepare it on the basis of cooperation with platform

Svět médií Svět médií

We're like fish in water there. Personal relationships are the cornerstone of PR in the media. Take advantage of our carefully built network of contacts. We can also advise you on content, topics and articles.

Blog a PR poradenství Blog and PR consulting

We will publish your PR article or prepare it for you, and we will also provide professional photos or videos from your course with the help of a drone. And thanks to our communication channels, we'll get everything in front of your customers.

TeeCoiny a věrnostní program TeeCoins and loyalty program

Playgrounds can use this unique tool to increase the number of pre-paid games played. Earning TeeCoins for every green fee purchased motivates players to play. Golfers can then use the virtual currency to purchase valuable rewards from our partners. Offer them your products and raise awareness of their uniqueness and the brand itself!

Komunitní golf Community golf

A feature that allows users to play their own unofficial competitions in small golf communities has great marketing potential! It is also a unique tool to reach groups of players that we can target and offer your products to.

Together we will prepare the whole communication mix!

If marketing is to be effective, a balanced cocktail with the right proportions of all ingredients must be mixed. Working with your PR, marketing and sales departments, we'll help you add the right mix and match so that it's palatable to your customers and maximises your profits.

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